CPEES 2021 Venue



Gulangyu Island, the Sea Garden, is located southwest of Xiamen City. Visitors can reach it by ferry boat from Xiamen City in about 5 minutes. Ranked at the top of the ten most-scenic areas in Fujian, Gulangyu Island is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, ancient relics and varied architectures.

South Putuo Temple, surrounded by graceful sea and the Wulao Peaks, is one of the must-go tourist places in Xiamen. The location is great, close to Xiamen University and Lu River.

Xiamen Piano Museum, the China’s only museum dedicated to pianos, is located in Shuzhuang Garden’s Tide-Viewing Tower on Gulangyu Island (also Piano Island). There are 40 more old pianos displayed in the museum, among which are rare and valuable gold-plating piano in the world, the oldest four-corner piano in the world and the oldest and biggest vertical piano, antique hand-power piano etc.